At the time he won the Kyoto Prize, Dr. Pawson praised the scientists who had developed drug treatments based on his findings, and he went on to make a larger point. He had spent decades studying a virus related to cancer in chickens, he said, before he happened upon a tiny bit of information that led him to his work on cell communication. That, in turn, led to breakthroughs in cancer treatments for humans.
“Governments increasingly want to see immediate returns on the research that they support,” he said. “But it is worth viewing basic science as a long-term investment that will yield completely unexpected dividends for humanity in the future. I believe that this progress underscores the importance of giving free rein to human inventiveness."
I can totally see how poverty impairs strategic decision making and I agree that Jamie Oliver's contempt for the poor is ridiculous, but there's something to be said for acknowledging that even (first-world) poor people have some choice in what they consume.

We shouldn't be so quick to dismiss as stupid people--especially kids--who think differently.