Saturday, December 22, 2018

Technically still Patagonia: Puerto Varas and Petrohue

Puerto Montt is the northern end of Patagonia, and the southern end of the Lakes District. We opted to overnight there--rather than fly straight to Santiago--in case the ferry was late in dropping us off. In the event that we'd have a day there, we planned to explore Chiloe, a nearby island with historic churches. Sadly Chiloe could only be reached by a ferry with a persnickety schedule, so by the time we got off our ferry and picked up our rental car, we wouldn't make it. Instead, we went to Puerto Varas and Petrohue.

Volcan Osarno
We were bummed we didn't have more time to spend in the area, although it was just as well because it started to rain just as we left for Santiago, and it would do for days.

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