Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday Snow Day Roundup

Trayon White's apology is a good one.

Massive Poultry is exploiting Small Business loans. And killing millions of fish.

Stanford had an all-male conference.

The Times is better late than never with obituaries of extraordinary women.

Mixed feelings about the inspiring Barbies (not just the absurd Frida Kahlo one), but in this day and age when Old Navy still only markets NASA shirts to men, I guess I'll take the win.

Sady Doyle's thread on women getting ahead in "problematic" professions.

Here's another:

The first tweet in my thread about when appearance matters on stage (and in movies).
If this isn't every other dude trying to date in DC...

You shouldn't need gimmicks to refrain from taking your relationship for granted.

John Oliver is a national treasure, and I'm so glad his book is doing well.

I love the story about the girl who snapped her retainer over Michael B. Jordan.

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