Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday roundup

Poland is emboldened in bullshit because it's gotten away with it for too long.

An Afghan refugee plots about giving back.

How do you watch old movies and TV with freshly woke eyes? Or, the Donna Problem.

The Donna Problem is that it would be easy to excuse her interactions with Josh because he’s a lovable goof who doesn’t mean any harm. Their relationship is played as sweet. We’re supposed to root for him.

Except that excusing powerful men because they didn’t mean any harm is exactly how we got in this situation. Realizing that powerful men were getting away with things — getting our new glasses prescription, to use Lippman’s metaphor — is exactly why we have a Donna Problem.

Nothing in the Donna-Josh relationship is overtly bad. But it’s a little bad. We can no longer ignore that a lot of little-bad things together are what normalize a toxic culture.
Use coral-friendly sunscreen.
Screening sunscreen for environmental friendliness requires getting familiar with chemicals including oxybenzone, octinoxate and methyl paraben. Haereticus Environmental Lab publishes a list of chemicals to avoid. Mineral sunblocks including zinc oxide and titanium dioxide that are “non-nano” in size are considered safe. Formulations below 100 nanometers are considered nano and can be ingested by corals.
Watch Surya Bonaly's mind-blowing illegal backflip.

Read this phenomenal thread about The Book Lady, aka inimitable Dolly Parton.

Watch Wayne Brady's awesome interview.

Look at this Turkish classroom cat.

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