Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday roundup

Before Taiwan, there was Pakistan. And holy shit.

Sicily has a forced labor problem, particularly among migrants; don't buy olives or olive oil from there.

Can we get to a food system where food workers can afford to eat well?

The Miami Herald's obituary of Fidel Castro short history of Cuba.

Remnick on Obama.

Chait on Brooks (and the moving goal-post that was 'center').

On what didn't happen in Indiana.

What PEOTUS wants.

Is the (global) west moving away from democracy?
A fairly balanced piece on why some people have a harder time as vegans. I will note that every failed-vegan confessional I've ever seen more or less takes the form of, "I gave up animal products, then gluten, then carbs, then food, and then--what do you know--I started eating (meat) again and felt better."

Everyone loves J.K. Rowling.

This story about a doctor who wouldn't give up on kids with a rare form of cancer--and the parents who helped her succeed--will restore your faith in humanity: perseverence, ingenuity, compassion, and much more. It's worth the long read.

Fascinating think-piece on signaling.

Pair this advice from Carolyn with my numerous musings on askers and helpers.

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