Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gomatong Cave

Next stop: Gomatong Cave, aka bat shit and cockroach central. We were lucky to be there when workers were harvesting birds-nest soup. Made mostly of bird saliva. Retrieved from bat shit and cockroach central, and selling for exorbitant prices.

a miniature of the contraption used to harvest the birds-nest soup ingredients 
outside the cave

just outside the cave, abodes for the workers and/or security for the harvesters

dude decided to take a nap while he's waiting

 Doesn't take long before it starts getting buggy.
 The guide tells me to take a video of what he's about to do, which is drip some water onto the bat shit covering the cave floor. Look what comes out.

pretty fucking gross

enough cockroaches for you?

nothing to see or smell here  
there were more creepy-crawlies outside the cave

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