Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday roundup

If you've ever heard someone say there's no such thing as rape culture, point them to this finding:
Indeed, experts note one last trait shared by men who have raped: they do not believe they are the problem.
And to this:
When the entire culture of a place is lewd, it makes it impossible to tell which men are dangerous. The raunchiest man in the kitchen had no part in the assault, but a quieter cook apparently did. In the din of dirty kitchen-speak, I could not have told you the difference between them.
Gray areas are what perpetuate the idea of plausible deniability, which in turn emboldens predators.

Charles Blow gets it.
We have to stop, listen and receive other people’s experiences, validate those experiences and honor the feeling with which they are expressed. And we have to center the speaker and not the listener, center the person who lacks the privilege and not the one who possesses it.
So does James Fell.

When Christian rehab turns out to be forced labor

Speaking of forced labor, some threads on Robert E. Lee. 

I dislike Max Fisher but I'll give him credit where it's due, and this isn't it. This needs to be said--
 In their zeal to find a simple solution to the complex problem of political change, they overlook their heroes’ flaws, fail to see the challenges they will face in power, and assume that countries are the products of their leaders, when it is almost always the other way around.
But it's a shallow analysis. FP did it better, years ago.

Surprise! Monsanto (among others) is screwing over farmers who don't buy their shit.

Drezner's complete 'toddler thread.'

CEOs, including Ruth Simmons--who was at Smith when I was--talk about showing up and doing the job you have.

I'm glad this plutonium soap is vegan but I wonder why they chose Pu-244.

Don't let anyone tell you that exercise doesn't help with weight.

Cultivate self-esteem, not narcissism, in your children.

I'm an xennial.

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