Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday roundup

Dennis Ross reflects on what was an overtly anti-semitic State Department.

Bruce Blair reflects on (and appreciates) Stanislav Petrov.

On Kaepernick and his detractors. And supporters.

Scarborough wonders what happened to people.

Are charity balls worth it?

We should let heterosexuals have kids, even though statistically they're not the best at it.

I've not experienced a miscarriage, but I've experienced lesser $hit in shitty ways, so I appreciate this perspective and my heart goes out to the people going through it.

On emotional labor (though some of this stuff is actual labor, i.e., project management). It's like a written out, more personal version of You Should Have Asked. I still get hives when I think about the ex who couldn't/wouldn't do anything, not even the things that were for his benefit.

And now, this:

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