Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday roundup

Strength and education do not immunize one from abuse.

Gotta love the all-male panel.

On the artificial distinctions we make:
And yet, the process of constructing norms — however imperfect — is, by and large, how human beings have chosen to deal with the fact that states continue to settle disputes with violence. As our technological capacity to wreak destruction has grown from machine guns to poison gas to nuclear weapons, more than a few people have observed that our species’ tendency to resort to violence may be our undoing. Eliminating war, though, seems unlikely. And so, falling short of that lofty goal, we try to prohibit the worst weapons — those that cause unnecessary or gruesome suffering and, most important, those that do not discriminate among combatants and noncombatants. If our lines are imperfect, we know they are better than no lines at all. If our restrictions are too narrow, we believe that others will come along who will try to broaden them.
Prince Harry's greatest act of public service.

FFS, women can show up however we like and still be women.

Want to do your part to help the planet? Cut back on meat.

Every pig deserves a life like this one.

Airline workers, no longer taught to deescalate, more commonly choose to handle customer service issues with security solutions.

This absolute-zero-to-absolute-hot infographic is phenomenal.

On words.
So great was the hue and cry that a competing dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary, was created to wrest the language out of the debasing hands of the longhaired pinkos at Merriam.
How the moon determines when Easter is. 

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