Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Everglades and Little Havana

I'll tell you more about this trip later but wanted to share some random pictures in reverse order. The alligators are rescues and not harmed.

Tuesday roundup

This was supposed to be Monday roundup but my laptop.

If you can find North Korea on a map, you're not so into the idea of a military solution.

I'd like to talk more about legal immigrants' disdain for illegal immigration. It's not--as sometimes dismissed--'I'm in now close the door' or even 'I struggled now you struggle.' There's some legitimacy to the sentiment and also nuance.

This was a week or two ago:

I asked Jerry Taylor, the president of the Niskanen Center, a libertarian think tank, if he had ever seen so much skepticism so early in a Presidency. “No, nobody has,” he said. “But we’ve never lived in a Third World banana republic. I don’t mean that gratuitously. I mean the reality is he is governing as if he is the President of a Third World country: power is held by family and incompetent loyalists whose main calling card is the fact that Donald Trump can trust them, not whether they have any expertise.” 
Carolyn's chat has some good stuff, especially this piece on accepting your kid's vegetarianism (hint: it's about more than food). I think most of us are turned off intuitively by the idea of eating animals and are socialized into it.

Ah, Dovegate. Specifically, Dove's new body-shaped bottles lead to backlash.

Women get fat-shamed and fit-shamed.

I'll let you google Avocado Toast gate yourselves. I didn't know that was a thing until yesterday (although I have put avocado on toast). I've not ordered it at a restaurant, which is maybe why I have a house (just kidding).

There were many good (bad) reviews of IT's new book. Here's one.
Goodness knows America doesn’t love a woman who tries too hard: Look at the response to Hillary Clinton, the ultimate striver. What we do appreciate, however, is a hint of hard work. There’s an understanding that a person should have to put in at least a modicum of effort to get — and stay —  in a position above ours. President Trump’s original appeal stemmed in large part from his purported bootstrapping to business success. And much of Ivanka Trump’s promise lay in the way that, although a child of privilege, she seemed willing to work hard and maybe even make a difference for others.
Ladybug oragami wings and cute interspecies moms!